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Whether adding new items to an already completed space, or planning the design for one new room or an entire home, we can help you find the solutions to complete the project from start to finish. When you think about designing your space, it can feel overwhelming. Planning, and completing the design for a great space can include so many things. This is why we offer design assistance on every level.

Design starts by discussing the function of the space. We can create a floor plan for the space, and help you develop the design concept.

Our design team will walk you through the whole design process. We can help you choose, and develop the color scheme. We can help with selecting the furniture, the custom window coverings, with selecting of the linens for the bedroom, and of all of the home accessories. We can help you choose the hard surfaces such as flooring, counter tops, the tile, the rugs or carpeting, the lighting, or even a stunning wallpaper. After making these selections we then can also install everything to complete the whole design process for you.

MidMod Designs wants to help you create amazingly designed spaces based on informed decisions, so that you can create the spaces you want to live, entertain, relax, or work in.

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